analysing the context for the grand challenge problem that you have identified. You need to apply the context from the perspective of how your chosen business

Write your problem statement based on the information presented and your 5Ws and 1H.


Grand Challenge Problem Statement

A2 is about identifying a grand challenge problem that impacts a particular business/ industry. You have to form a clear problem statement which must be addressed later in A3 (Solution and Pitch). A2 is problem identification and writing a problem statement (no solution(s) are required). A3 is Solution(s)/ Strategies to A2 problem statement and pitching your solution(s)/ strategies to your target audience(s).

It is important to note in A2 you are identifying challenge(s)/ problem(s) faced by your chosen business/ industry caused by a Grand Challenge problem. Thus your A3 will be the solution(s)/ strategies that your chosen business/ industry will be using to remain viable when facing this grand challenge.

Your A3 is NOT about finding solutions to resolve the grand challenge problem. For example COVID19 impacts all businesses. Your task is to identify what solution(s)/ strategies your chosen business/ industry could use to survive the impact caused by COVID not to find solutions to resolve COVID. There is an example on Apple Inc. China to illustrate this below.

You can find more details about the structure below:

In this assessment you need to introduce the business/ industry and tell us about their context. Identify the grand challenge the business/ industry is dealing with and explain how it impacts the business. Use an environmental analysis framework (PESTLE or SWOT) to analyse the business environment. Include a figure to help explain your analysis (this should not be full of text only include dot points – this is counted in the word limit). Then clearly define the business problem in a statement by using 5Ws and 1H. Conclude by summing up the context analysis and problem statement.

You should refer to course content and recommended readings to help you frame your problem and use supplementary research to support your analysis.

A minimum of 6 references is required with at least half of them from academic/ business sources such as peer reviewed/ academic journal articles and credible websites/ publications like government business or industry (avoid unsubstantiated sources that are not credible or reliable like Wikipedia blogs Course Hero etc.). In-text referencing and a reference list are required using APA7 style.

Title page: Title Course Code Name S-number Word Count.
Your writing must be organised (structured) in approx. 5-6 paragraphs*:


Introduce what is the purpose of your assignment and what will be covered and provide an overview of your selected business/ industry and its location.

Here you are analysing the context for the grand challenge problem that you have identified. You need to apply the context from the perspective of how your chosen business/ industry is impacted by this grand challenge problem.

Construct a simple SWOT or PESTLE diagram (include all the factors – at least two dot points for each factor) for your selected business/ industry and label it Figure 1 (this figure must be original and done by you you cannot copy from internet sources). Words in Figure 1 will be counted in the word limit.

In text references in the figure are not required but the information should still be sourced from research referring to academic/ business/ industry/ government publications and reliable sources.

From your SWOT or PESTLE analysis done select two factors only to explain in more detail. These factors need to refer to your grand challenge problem.

5Ws AND 1H

Identify the 5Ws and 1H (what why where who when and how) to create your problem statement (Module 6 Topic 1 – not to be confused with the 5 Whys in Module 6 Topic 2).


Write your problem statement based on the information presented and your 5Ws and 1H (i.e. your problem statement must contain keywords from your 5Ws and 1H analysis). Note that root cause analysis is not required for A2.
Conclude by reinforcing the key points from your problem identification.
In APA7 style.

Formatting: Arial / Times New Roman font size 11 or 12 1.5 spacing insert page numbers headings are required.
You should use third person and a formal tone in your writing.
Your assignment needs to be supported by references – you must cite the sources you used to support your statements/ analysis.
*Remember that paragraphs should have 3 to 5 full sentences that are coherent with a clear start and end.

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