Examine the setting atmosphere and pattern/structure of the story.Is the setting significant to the meaning? Is there a mood oratmosphere? How does the author create

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Subject: No Name Woman

Directions (Read Carefully):
Use Times New Roman Font or Arial size 12
1600 word minimum including the Works Cited page (Works Cited may have just one source the story in the book: A Work in an Anthology)
Include title capitalized MLA style
Possible headings in size 12 font bold for each of the five parts below (this is not part of the 1500 word min. though) to make it easier to read
Use MLA Style with at least four quotes from your selected story (additional sources must be cited both in text and in the Works Cited). See pages 267-275 in your textbook “Documentation in the Humanities: MLA Style.”
With quotes make sure that you have a signal phrase and that you don’t have ‘hanging quotes.’ The page number is in parentheses and the period follows. A good example of using quotes in literature: When he hears Cordelia’s answer Lear seems surprised but not dumbfounded. He advises her to “mend [her] speech a little” (273).
Use present tense to describe the action in the story.

Examine it carefully. You need not answer all the questions below but the essay must be organized in the following manner:
Part One: The Plot (1-2 paragraphs)
Part Two: Setting Atmosphere Pattern/Structure Point of
View (3 paragraphs min.) See pages 277-279 in your book.
Examine the setting atmosphere and pattern/structure of the story.
Is the setting significant to the meaning? Is there a mood or
atmosphere? How does the author create this atmosphere?
How is the essay structured? Is it chronological or does it involve
flashbacks? Is the structure significant to the meaning of the work?
Who narrates the story? Is the narrator reliable? What would be
gained or lost if the story was told from another point of view?
Part Three: Characters (1 page min.) See page 277 in your book.
Who is the main character? Does this person change? What sort of a
person is he/she? Is this character sympathetic? What other
characters are important? Do you personally identify with any of the
characters? How and why? This is not plot again–analyze analyze analyze
Part Four: Symbolism Images Irony (1 page min.) See page 278-279 in your book.
Identify and interpret symbols in the story. Is anything about the story
ironic? What images are most vivid?
Part Five: Theme and Meaning (1 paragraph min.) See page 280-281 in your book.
How does the title relate to the other elements in the story and to the
overall meaning?
What is the theme of this story? How did you come to this
Works Cited Page (not included as part of the 1500 word min.)
The Words Cited minimally must include your story (see instructions below)
For other works such as websites consult your textbook (see the MLA part) or use easybib.com (make sure you are using MLA style)
Citation Directions: Canvas Handout.
Chopin Kate. “Story of an Hour.” Handout. San Jose City College. San Jose CA. 1894.
In text: (Chopin).

Citation Directions: A Work in an Anthology Reference or Collection
Works may include an essay in an edited collection or anthology or a chapter of a book. The basic form is for this sort of citation is as follows:

Last name First name. “Title of Essay.” Title of Collection edited by Editor’s Name(s) Publisher Year Page range of entry.

Poem or Short Story Examples:

Burns Robert. “Red Red Rose.” 100 Best-Loved Poems edited by Philip Smith Dover 1995 p. 26.

Kincaid Jamaica. “Girl.” The Vintage Book of Contemporary American Short Stories edited by Tobias Wolff Vintage 1994 pp. 306-07.

In Text: (Chopin 12).


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