Evaluative Essay on the article “How the Pandemic Defeated America” written by Ed Yong
Evaluative Essay.
To fully explain why the article is an outstanding piece of writing your essay must answer the following
1.What is the article’s topic? Who or what is it about?
2.What is the article’s purpose? What does the author want the reader to understand? How does he or she
want the reader to react?
3.What is the article’s value? Why would a reader want (or need) to know what the author shares or reveals?
4.What does the author do well? What techniques and strategies does he or she rely on to enlighten or engage
the reader?
5.What examples best illustrate the effectiveness of those techniques? (Vivid imagery lively anecdotes
evocative diction authoritative or poignant testimony thoughtful similes & metaphors surprising facts &
observations strong introductions & conclusions etc.)

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