Identify and explore a ‘moment’ that turned into a ‘Movement’. Gage (2018) in her article talks about a “moment” turning into a “Movement

Moments to Movements

Social movements start as ideas among small groups of people and then evolve to larger movements that
today garner attention through social media and media generally.
This discussion provides an opportunity to explore the evolution of a social movement including factors that
motivated individual participation and important elements of the context within which the moment grew.
Consider a specific case to explore the evolution of a social movement.
Identify and explore a ‘moment’ that turned into a ‘Movement’. Gage (2018) in her article talks about a
“moment” turning into a “Movement.” For this final discussion post and response of the course please identify
a “moment” that eventually became a “Movement”. For example #MeToo or Black Lives Matter have garnered
much media attention in the U.S. and across the world. Moments and subsequent movements can happen on
a much smaller scale. Please consider choosing one that is ‘local’ (in your community organization profession
etc). In your post please include two or three links from the internet that shed light on the ‘moment’ and
subsequent ‘Movement’. If references are not available on your specific moment please identify references
from a related moment/movement that would shed light on your chosen one.
. Prepare and submit your post. Please consider the following prompts:
What is the Movement? Can you trace it back to a particular moment?
What did the moment look like?
What was the broader context for the moment and its evolution into a Movement?
Who were the key actors? What was(were) their agenda(s)/goals?
What were the dynamics that helped propel the moment to a Movement or conversely that limited its
evolution into a Movement with purpose and distinct goals?
Incorporate course materials that support your observations and thinking. Please include in-text citations and a
reference list at the end of your post to support your analysis.
Required Readings
Gage B. (2018 May 15). When does a moment turn into a ‘movement’? The New York Times Magazine.
Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)
Louis W.R. (2009) Collective Action—and Then What?Links to an external site. download Journal of Social
Issues 65: 727-748.
Links to an external site
Morrill C. Zald M. & Rao H. (2003). Covert Political Conflict in Organizations: Challenges from Below.Links
to an external site. download Annual Review of Sociology 29 391-415.

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