Insomnia disorder





Insomnia disorder




Title page-APA style
1pt.Part 2: Abstract APA style

1pt. Part 3: Write a one paragraph introduction providing an overview of what you will discuss in this paper. End with a correct theme sentence which informs the reader of  the main topic of this paper.

2pts.Part 4: Discuss the social economic political and psychological stressors that affect this population. Taking these stressors into account develop a hypothetical community counseling program incorporating services that fall into the service delivery models described in Chapter 2.  (1-2 paragraphs)
Learning objective: To acquire program-planning skills

3pts.Part 5: Describe transitions and situations that are likely to contribute to making members of this population develop problems.

Select one or two problems that you think can be prevented. Describe some of the things you can you can do as a counselor to help these persons prevent these problems in the future.

Select one or two transitions that you think cant be prevented. Describe some things you can do as a counselor to help these persons develop coping strategies and personal strengths that would enable them to deal with the transitions more effectively. (1+ pages)
Learning objective: To learn helping strategies to address needs of vulnerable populations.

3pts. Part 6: Reflecting on the course material covered so far describe how you would use indirect client services to create a responsive helping network for your client population. Be as specific as possible. (1+pages)
What types of client advocacy services could you initiate that would help expand the helping network currently available for your clients?
What self-help options can you identify for this group?
What kinds of political action strategies would you be willing to support in creating a more expansive helping network?
What sort of coalition-building efforts do you think would be helpful in fostering the kind of helping network that would more effectively meet your clients unique needs?
Learning objective: To create a helping network that is responsive to clients needs.

2pts.Part 7: Suppose you had the opportunity to manage a community counseling program that offers the services you have described in this paper. What skills do you have now that would help you manage the program? What skills would you need to develop to be a more effective manager in the future?  (3 paragraphs)
Learning objective: To develop managerial effectiveness

2pts. Part 8: Conclude your paper by laying out a plan of action that would help you develop your helping and managerial effectiveness in the future. In developing your individual plan cite sections of the Text that have assisted you in developing your plan.
What do you plan to do to learn new skills?
How are you going to take care of yourself? (1 page)
Learning objective: To articulate a professional and personal development plan.

1pt. Part 9: Provide a reference page with least three peer review journal articles and at least one from the course text. All citations must be APA style. (Reference page)
Learning objective: Learn and apply APA style

4pts: Part 10: Format/Writing: All work must be submitted typed Times New Roman 12 pt. font double-spaced NO SPACES BETWEEN PARAGRAPHS

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