What are the main items of reporting between the CDC and WHO? (This is not a peer response min of 150 words)

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What are the main items of reporting between the CDC and WHO? (This is not a peer response min of 150 words)

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The Obesity Society published an online cross-sectional study in Obesity regarding risk factors in the Black American population. Hypertension diabetes and obesity (referring to body index mass) have been identified as risk factors for the development of severe COVID 19 disease and intensive care admissions (Collins 2020). Biostatistical research reveals what how and why people of a certain populations are at risk for certain disease or ailments.

Biostatistics consist of collecting data and analyzing health data using statistics. Biological and medical data allow researchers and healthcare providers to utilize resources to help prevent reduce and manage disease and illnesses and improve patient care (Regis College n.d.). Once a problem or problems are identified the causes can also be determined and strategies can be developed to rectify the issues.

Finding out why Black Americans are afflicted with obesity hypertension and diabetes will contribute to the establishment of strategies to improve their overall health. Treatment plans and educational programs can be established to provide value and help the patients be proactive in their own healthcare.


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admission. American Association for the Advancement of Science.


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