works by Bingham and Wills.

Democratic Religion




The student will submit two five-page Critical Book Reviews (CBR) of the works by Bingham and Wills. The CBR should use the template from the library. A link to this format will be provided to the student.  The CBR is a review that critiques a work based upon its strengths and weaknesses. This review should be five full pages in length. Each page other than the introductory material should have a section header and be appropriately spaced. The paper should be written in 12-point Times New Roman font have one-inch margins and contain no footnotes or citations from the book. The section breakdown of this review should be as follows:
Bibliographic Entry: The top lines of the first page should provide appropriate bibliographic data of the book being reviewed. Introduction: Here provide page of introductory material on the author establishing his credentials for writing on the subject at hand. The paragraph should effectively answer the question: Why should we listen to this author on this particular subject?
Summary: Here provide 1 page of material giving a general overview of the work as a wholethis should be cursory in nature and not overly detailednoting the overall structure of the work. Here the student should answer the question: What is the overall structure flow or arrangement of the material of the book? Evaluation: This is the heart of the review. The student should provide 3 pages of critical evaluation divided equally considering the books strengths and weakness evaluated against the authors thesis (which should have been noted in the summary section of the review). Here the question is being asked: How well did the author demonstrate/prove his thesis?
Conclusion: Wrap up your review with page of concluding material

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